Seasons Greetings

I am so excited to be in Rhinebeck. Ardnaglass is loving the space at 6406 Montgomery Street. We had our first week-end which was a great success. Met new friends and were happy to see old ones too. Hoping it is a great holiday season with lots of love and laughter and shopping! After I left my space in Woodstock, I went out to California and hugged the Pacific Coast Highway for a week. I saw some of my favorite people and celebrated with them. I stopped at Hearst Castle which I have always wanted to tour. It was gorgeous! And I gathered some great inspiration from the tapestry soaked rooms. The castle was  designed and executed by a woman architect named Julia Morgan. The symmetry heading up to the castle is breathtaking the ebb and flow of the scenery. It's not surprising she had a degree in engineering. Impressive skills for a woman born in 1872. William believed tapestries to be the original newspaper. I can see how.