Ardnaglass is pleased to present Super Single, the gallery’s first exhibition with Matthew Every, featuring new paintings. The exhibition is on view from June 17th - August 17th, 2017 at The Old Bank of America, 2808 Route 28 Shokan, NY 12481.


Roslyn: How do you find your way back in the dark?
Gay: Just head for that big star straight on. The highway's under it. It'll take us right home

.- The Misfits, 1961

Super Single is a rescaling of grandiose archetypes filtering down into the most ubiquitous of display apparatus. Using found imagery from the graphic art of U.S. state license plates, Matthew Every parses out national ideals and setting through a series of large scale paintings.

Under our identifying numbers is an image to represent our freedom and individuality. A uniquely American landscape of solitude and self-reliance. This is a predicament, a contest between two eternal forces – our evolution from knuckle dragging animals mystified by the skyline to invertebrate bean counters obsessed with accountability.

There is also a fleeting visual conversation between these pictures as they move down the highway towards one another. One that takes place in the very landscapes they represent. With our individuality intact, we still reach out trying to connect, but the backdrop is too big and we become specks of dust floating between the coasts.

Matthew Every (born 1990, New York, NY) received his BFA from The Cooper Union. He is also the founder of Hoy Hoy, a residency program that focuses on short term residencies for groups of artists, giving them both space to work and exposure. He lives and works in Mount Tremper, NY located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

Matthew’s work focuses on a lonely kind of American individualism often found right under our noses. He explores this through a variety of media including painting, video, installation, and writing. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunter and conservationist, closely investigating the relationship between humans and this vast landscape we inhabit.

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JUNE 17th thru AUGUST 17th

old Bank Of America

Route 28

Shokan New York 12481


opening reception JUNE 17th 2-8pm. Join Us.